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All art by me. ©Marley M/Lumi


My random favourite artworks from other amazing artists are featured here. Feel free to visit their galleries full of wonderful art as well. ^^


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Hey there!

My name is Marley and I was born on the 19th of June 1993 in North Brabant, The Netherlands. I'm a shy, but very creative girl. Drawing grew from my hobby into a fanatic passion and so I'll work it out to be my dream job. Therefore you'll mostly notice me with pencil and paper or a sketchbook by my side. I also love sculpting, photography and writing novels or comic stories. Certainly I'll even start a course in animation and maybe someday you'll see some of such videos appear somewhere. I also play guitar and hope to be good one day. Speaking of instruments, I love Rock music. My favourite bands are The Rasmus, RED, Starset, Ashes Remain, Breaking Benjamin and Within Temptation. Also I'm fond of piano and classic violin soundtracks, such as the music from Two Steps From Hell or calm music suitable for Yoga and meditation. Practicing Yoga is something I started not long ago. I find it very soothing as it calms down my spirit and gives peace to my heart. It's a curious and peaceful world. Beside art, yoga and music, I really love nature and animals, therefore I'm vegan. Nature is very beautiful and inspiring. I always walk barefoot at home, given the chance at places I visit or even in nature herself on sandy or grassy surfaces, just to feel closely connected with Earth. In that case, you could call me a true spiritual peace loving person. In fact it's indeed just who I am and it's something what makes and keeps me happy all the time. Just like drawing actually. Drawing something new on paper is like discovering your own new world. Each line you draw is taking you there. Right there between the creations of your mind, you found a place in your own world; it's called home.

Thank you for reading! ^^

Copyright ©Marley. Mvb.2014.
All rights reserved. These artworks or any part thereof may not be copied, published, distributed, transmitted, reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the artist. Art theft will not be tolerated.

I'm also known over the internet as:
Marley vB
Marley Lumi

Hi hi!:wave:

Just here to share something about my current status for those who like to know what I'm doing and where I am. ^ - ^

Due to my art career I'm not really on vacation, but that doesn't matter at all as I'm not really a vacation person in the first place.
To me being busy with art feels already like an all time holiday. I am sort of like on vacation in my own artistic world, traveling from one artwork to the other.
I like to spend my time always creating something or looking for inspiration; whether that is at my work space, the dinner table, in the garden or in the forests out there. I make art and study freely and independently at home and can plan and organize my own time. So even though this calm but hard way of working that I do feels like a holiday itself, I do give myself regular breaks when needed. It's then like having a holiday within a holiday, to me. x) Just leaving the chair and dropping the pencil for a while and do something else, to recharge. Then I either have a walk in nature, do some meditating or simply do a calm activity like reading a book/manga with a cup of tea or enjoy being in our garden; even cleaning my room is an activity I find soothing. And sometimes, I simply do nothing at all. I just be and enjoy the little things, such as watching the raindrops (if it's raining).
But anyways yes, a break is necessary sometimes; even though creating art doesn't feel like work, despite being it hard work at the same time. Day-offs are needed sometimes more than we think or need (or want when the work we do is such fun). Especially for my bad back which needs some serious rest every now and then. And I believe resting also refreshes the mind to get everything back into place and order, and the calmness allows us artists to create new ideas again.

Anyways with that aside, these days I'm as busy as a bee and don't feel like taking a real break just yet. I go from one project to the other. And I'm also working hard on drawing requests and free art in the meantime. You could say that I'm on a roll!

In short, I'm enjoying a nice artistic Summer and I hope so too that you all have a lovely Summer just as well.

See you around! ^ - ^

  • Eating: Fruit
  • Drinking: Forest Berry Tea


Rayman & The Ships Race comic PAGE 67 is up!
Enjoy reading! ^ - ^
 Rayman and The Ships Race - Page 67 by MarleyMoonflight
Rayman & The Ships Race comic PAGE 66 is up!
Enjoy reading! ^ - ^
Rayman and The Ships Race - Page 66 by MarleyMoonflight

Hey hey!

I'd like to thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes! All these kind wishes are like presents itself to me. I'm truly happy! 

I'm 23 now. I've had a really nice birthday. A fantastic day. Mom made a delicious (vegan) chocolate cake for me. I've had lovely books, manga novels and coloured pencils as presents, and received two beautiful artworks from my sisters. My younger sister made a sweet colourful drawing of the fox Tails and some guinea piggies and my elder sister made a dreamcatcher-like piece of art all made from recycled natural materials. Really wonderful! That made my day. ^^

So, thank you all so much for everything!
I hold it all dear to me. Thank you! ♥
Rayman & The Ships Race comic PAGE 65 is up!
Enjoy reading! ^ - ^
Rayman and The Ships Race - Page 65. by MarleyMoonflight
Rayman & The Ships Race comic PAGE 64 is up!
Enjoy reading! ^ - ^
Rayman and The Ships Race - Page 64. by MarleyMoonflight

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kazumemadrigal Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
hi i love those comics can i draw morgan in fan art? Love 
MarleyMoonflight Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much! ^ - ^ Yes, sure you can. :happybounce:
If you also want to credit my character Morgan to me as well, you can use my name or link to my DeviantArt page. I appreciate it. ^ - ^
Thanks once again! Have fun drawing! :wave: 
KingOfWarlocks Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
fun fact: in the game Borderlands, there be a Skag (lupine creature that be havin' many similarities to wolves) with yer name. Also, when me creator got chased by her, she helped him defeatin' bandits. and went back to her troop without chasin' me creator further.
a bit gruesome, seein' the bandits 'n stuff, but i thought it'd be a fun bit o' trivia.

also, me creator doesn't really like the blood in Borderlands, but the graphics be looking' nice and there be funny characters
Rayxim Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday! And have lucky Day! :D :cake: :cake: :la:
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Thank you very much! ^ U ^ :wave:
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Thank you so much! ^ - ^ :happybounce: :shuffelin:
Tamishii Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy birthday, Marley! As a gift, a free request!
MarleyMoonflight Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much! ^ - ^ :happybounce:
Aww, really? That's too kind. :huggle: Although, I don't know what to wish for a request yet.
If you like you may choose something for me too. ^ - ^
Tamishii Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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